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A perfect, homemade mushroom & Swiss

After working in the garden all day and feeling some kind of tired, I angled for the comfort of some Indian food. We had already planned to pop out for a few to find some Sherry for drinking and cocktails, when I decided to hold off on Indian until my mom comes in a few weeks.

Instead, my wonderful husband had the idea of doing a burger. We brainstormed and decided on a mushroom & Swiss, which we both love! After rolling through Wegmans to get all the stuff, we headed home and started on the mushroom mix to give it some time to saucify.

He makes a cute little square beef patty, puts it in the cast iron skillet, and uses a metal thing to smash it across the hot face of the pan. The sizzle begins right away! The smell and the browning also get moving.

While that’s happening, we’ve also got a small hot skillet on a back burner. We throw in some butter and then toast the sesame seed buns on both sides for about 20-30 seconds or so. Take them off, give it a sec to cool and spread on a thick slather of mayonaise.

A few minutes later, the beef is ready! He throws a thick piece of cheese on top to get it melting and then that went on the bun. We pile the mushrooms on top of all of that and slap on the top bun.

This is the result.

It was so damn good. Almost like a sauce, but not quite. Really, really good.