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Holliday Lake is A Okay

Sundays are for parks. Well, if you asked me I would say that everyday is for parks. Sunday though, there’s something special about cruising along a windy road, watching the sun move around the sun as you wind your way around the state.

One of the things we love is getting in the car and picking a direction. Sometimes we’ve planned it out, but more often than not, we’re just going in the direction that looks good. Often we’ll end up somewhere we’ve been before, but didn’t get the time to explore the first time. This time that drive brought us to Holliday Lake State Park in Virginia.

The large lawns were still full of buttercups from the warmth of early spring. The birds along the edge of the water continued to sing knowing that they were about to get the year’s visitors.

Holliday Lake feels like an older park since there’s no pool and a smaller set of camp grounds, but it’s got a large swimming lake a bunch of boats available when the weather is right. It feels like one of those parks that you grew up going to and even though it’s a little worse for wear, I’m sure there’s some nostalgia there.

There are a few hiking trails that move along the lake that take advantage of the scenery, but it seems the draw is the swimming bit and concession stand. It’s also pretty isolated with gravel roads not far from the entrance. It’s a nice park and we’ve enjoyed going, but likely not one we’re going to go out of the way to visit again. Well, that’s what I say now, but who knows….