Stuff I love

My bathroom rainbow

A year or so ago, I asked my husband to figure out a way to cover up a small window in a downstairs bathroom. He does an amazon cruise and finds this awesome plastic film looking stuff that sticks to the window. Think the thing that clings to the bottom of your bathroom tub, but cute and no gross feet on the bottom.

After you measure out the amount and pop it on the window, it gets colorful right away!

When the morning light comes in through the side of the house, around 8am, the kaleidoscope pattern on the cling creates the most beautiful rainbow splashed across the wall, door, plants and floor. It creeps into the hallway and spreads a little sweetness first thing in the morning. It also makes anything sitting in its path look like a Lady Gaga show.

It’s something I love.

If you want a magical morning window, pop on over to amazon and pick one up. You’ll have to look around for one you like, but that link should get you started. Also, I’m not an affiliate or anything, that’s just where I know to get one.

Stay smol. XOXO